Your Website
Code In The Word's Mission is to provide a community location to gather and create websites and custom programs for your website.

During these meeting times, mentoring, training, and coding as a group.
The time spent creating websites and coding is safe, fun, and a time of growing. Growing in personal skills and personal growth.

Product specifications, details, training, and buyers are supplied by us - Sow In The Word.
We can do your website. We provide the initial Consultation, Design, Build, Email, and Hosting.

Sow In The Word's Teams will take care of your Business or Ministry!

Each Team handles different parts of the Project. We even have a Team for proper SEO and Search Engine submissions.

You can order a Basic Site through a heavy DataBase Site for Real Estate or Heavy Media driven sites. Our Teams work under the supervision of Leaders with over 20 Years in the Web Industry.

Order Your Website - Consult, Design, Build, Email, and Hosting for 1yr

Help Us Meet Our Goal!