Our Focus

Every City, Town, Village, and Community.
Here in The United States
and the Caribbean.

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The Need

Spread the Gospel of Jesus The Christ.
Church Plants, Revitalized Churches, Church Re-Launch, and Local Ministry.
Reason to gather and community connect in any neighborhood and in any State/Country.
Way to generate revenue in any community/country/location.
Connect communities (People).

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The Opportunity

Men, Women, Youth, and Teams/Groups gather to produce products that are needed and consumed around the globe.
While gathering for Training, Production, and Learning - Mentoring and Discipleship.
In same space, intentional Bible Studies - relevant to Men, Women, Youth, Character, and Holiness.

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Mark Ossenfort
A Servant and Follower of
Jesus Christ

As a Man who has had a "full journey" spanning over 50yrs, there becomes core beliefs and ethos.

The Foundational 'World View' within this organization is simple, basic, and non moving.

We believe in the Creation of the Earth and Universe by God.
We believe that man fractured this perfect creation by eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
We believe that this separated Man from God and introduced evil into this world.
We believe that God sent His Son - Jesus to be born, live, and crucified to reconcile man with God.
We believe the Holy Bible to be the inherent and infallible Word of God - written by God through man.
The rest is for theological and historical debate...

Management Team
We utilize a standard Corporate Structure. CEO, COO, CFO, and Regional VPs
Board Members
We have Spiritual and Business leaders as an Advisory Board.
Project Leaders
We have MANY Leaders of Sewing, Wood Working, Coding, Media, and Mentoring across the USA and Caribbean.
Prayer Warriors
Taken from a GREAT movie - War Room, we have a collection of 'War Room' Prayer Warriors.
Be Prepared

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